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Dust off your dress and come party with us one more time! Your wedding day has come and gone, it was amazing and now you are ready to get your gown cleaned and preserved! Maybe you are unsure what you are going to do with your gown long-term. Maybe you want to pass it down to your daughter, maybe you want to donate or sell it, maybe you want to keep it to cherish always because you did marry your best friend in it and that makes it a pretty special garment if you ask us. One thing is for sure - you need to have your gown cleaned and preserved.


We partner with Wedding Gown Preservation Co. (WGP) to help you professionally clean and preserve your gown and five accessories for years to come. Our brides receive $25 off the preservation package but any and all brides are welcome – even if you’re not a #TBRBride, we’d still love to help you!





No need to have your gown cleaned beforehand - WGP specializes in removing stains including perspiration, grass, mud, grease, and food, as well as any sugar stains from cake icing, wine, and other beverages. Drop your dress off during our normal business hours and include up to five items with your gown such as your veil, headpiece, gloves, garter, decorative hanger, handkerchief, slip, and flower girl gown. We then send your dress on a little trip to New York to get all prettified again. After cleaning your gown, WGP will work to prevent years of stress to shoulder seams from hanging and carefully package your gown in a custom- designed triple-sealed bridal gown package. It has a heavy, sealed plastic window to allow you to view your dress, but the chest is tightly sealed to protect fabric from air, sunlight, moisture, and insects. Your gown will remain in top condition until you decide to remove it from the box. Careful pressing, folding, shaping, and inserting in the preservation box is the next important step in the process. Folding your wedding gown carefully and ensuring no tight creases will happen is essential to prevent permanent effects on your gown. Packaging and sealing your wedding gown are the final steps. First, your gown will be placed within a high- quality inner box. It will be folded with high-quality acid-neutral tissue so as not to cause permanent creases. This process will protect your gown from contaminating air, dust, and potential infestation. Finally, your gown is placed in an outer protection box. Your gown comes back to us in about six weeks preserved in a beautiful display box with a window so you can reminisce on the best day ever and a handle to make transport super easy.

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